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The School of Business offers both undergraduate and postgraduate business programs. Our undergraduate program is in Management and Entrepreneurship within a small-medium / family business as well as entrepreneurial enterprise context.

Our postgraduate programs are in Organisational Leadership and Business Administration. The Organisational Leadership suite is research-focused combining coursework and a thesis (Master or PhD). The Business Administration suite is entirely coursework, the flagship degree being the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The links below will provide you with details about these programs - course information including study units, admission requirements as well as fees and other financial information.

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Organisations can be resistant to change and require leaders to motivate affirmative action. Units in the PhD pay particular attention to the traits, skills and behaviours that are indicative of effective and ethical leadership.
Students will undertake a number of self-assessments to facilitate gaining a greater understanding of their own leadership styles. The significance of organisational behaviour inputs of values-driven and vision-based leadership will be discussed, as well as how the tactics of influence and power are used to achieve desired organisational outcomes.
Set with a biblical approach, the PhD in Organisational Leadership analyses the difference between leadership and management, and how leaders are defined by, and define, organisational culture and stakeholder expectations. Students’ research into organisational learning discovering what it means to live within a competitive and changing environment, where organisations must adapt to survive and prosper.

Please see individual course pages for the unique requirements.

Scholarships will be by available for full-time candidates for the thesis component of the PhD only (not for coursework units OR for the thesis portion in the Master of Business (Research) OR for part-time candidates in the PhD thesis).
Tuition fees are payable per semester and charged per unit. There are Administrative Fees (e.g. a Graduation Fee) and fines (e.g. for not adhering to deadlines or misusing resources), and these are listed in the financial information page.
Tuition fees are reviewed annually. Fees for each year are published from August of the preceding year. Excelsia College reserves the right to change the fees for any course and to make alterations to the course of study that may increase the fees over the duration of the course.
Visit the financial information page for more details.


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