Excelsia College leads the way in latest QILT survey


Excelsia College has outperformed 41 of 42 universities in Learner Engagement (undergraduate) in a nationwide survey commissioned by the Federal Government. The QILT survey (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching) is Australia’s largest survey of higher education students.

A first of its kind, QILT is unique in that it draws feedback from students with the purpose of helping future students make informed decisions about their study and vocation. It can be difficult asking someone about their experience at a provider, but the QILT results provide an impartial analysis with up to 283,000 students participating in the 2018 survey. 

The 2018 results build on Excelsia College’s past success in student experience. In the survey published on QILT, Excelsia also outperformed 40 of the 42 universities in Teaching Quality for undergraduate and postgraduate courses with an overall student satisfaction rating of 89.8% and 86.2% respectively.

Results also highlight Excelsia’s commitment to improving access to learning and providing a wide range of support for students. The College outperformed 41 of the 42 universities in Student Support (postgraduate) with an overall rating of 88.1%.

Such student services include the on-campus Student Centre, English Language Centre and the Counselling Centre, which offers free and confidential counselling services to all students attending various courses offered by Excelsia College. Excelsia ensures students have the support they need to make the most of their time at the College.

The College also has ongoing success in producing employable graduates, with 87.9% of students (undergraduate) currently employed. This rating highlights the commitment of staff and the academic board in preparing and equipping students for the workplace.

Peter McKeon, CEO and Managing Director of Excelsia College, says the current results reflect the commitment and dedication of all involved with the College in the provision of student satisfaction and championing of an excellent educational experience grounded in a faith-based environment.

“We are delighted to again receive such positive feedback from our students about the quality of the education they receive at Excelsia College. Over the past few years our college community has created an even better teaching, learning and research environment. I am confident that we will continue to lead the community in enhancing a student-centered environment where the leaders of tomorrow will thrive.”