High School Students

If you're currently in Year 12 looking
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How To Apply

Step 1: Complete the online application form 

The first stage of applying to Excelsia College is to select the course you wish to apply and fill the online application form. Please read the form carefully, complete all the fields and attach all the documentation listed in Step 2.

Step 2: Gather the required certified documents.

You must provide certified copies of all the required documents when you submit your application.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been endorsed (signed, dated and accompanied by an ink imprint stamp) by an authorised authority who states that it is a true copy of the original document. Authorised authorities include:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • Police officer, accountant, minister of religion, medical practitioner, legal practitioner, School Principal
  • An Excelsia staff member can also certify documents only if they have cited the original document.

A detailed list of accepted authorities can be found here.

Required application documents

  1. Proof of Citizenship – Certified copy of Passport or birth certificate or citizenship certificate. Evidence of proof of citizenship varies depending on whether you were born in Australia before, on or after 20 August 1986, or if you were born overseas.  For more information please check passport.gov.au
  2. Certified copy of your High School Certificate.
  3. Certified transcripts of any other (relevant) studies or industry experience after high school.

*Drama applicants will also need to provide a portrait photo (headshot) with their application.

Step 3: Supplementary Information

You may be required to provide additional information with your application, depending on which Excelsia course you choose. The courses requiring supplementary information are:

What happens next?  

Once you submit your online application a student advisor will contact you within days to confirm receipt and talk through the next steps in the process.

Music and Drama applicants will also receive their audition date.

If the applicant is successful they will be issued an offer letter and a written agreement. Students will need to respond to the offer within six weeks.

Please keep in mind that under the privacy legislation, Excelsia College can only communicate with the applicant about their application, and not with family members or other representatives unless authorised by the applicant.

Academic admission criteria - Australia High School Leavers

To study at Excelsia, you must meet the College’s admission standards. Find out the requirements for undergraduate entry below.


Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years)
While an ATAR is not required for undergraduate admissions, completion of the NSW Higher School Certificate or equivalent is required.

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study
Applicants who have completed vocational education and training (VET) may be considered eligible under Special Entry by being awarded provisional entry upon successful completion of one semester of undergraduate study. More information about Special Entry can be found in the Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedure.

Additional requirement

Some courses may have additional entry criteria such as an interview or an audition. Please check the specific course to find out whether there are additional requirements.   

Fees and Charges

Before you start your degree, consider how much your course will cost. At Excelsia, tuition fees are charged by the undergraduate or postgraduate course units taken per study period.

Besides your course fees, there may be other costs associated with study, such as textbooks, equipment and other learning materials.

Visit the financial information page to find all about fee information at Excelsia including:

2018 Tuition Fees 

Up-front Payment 



Financial Assistance 

Refund Policy Domestic Students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Excelsia College welcomes Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander applicants who may be able to successfully complete a given course, but who may not have had reasonable prior opportunity to develop experience and qualifications sufficient to satisfy the entry criteria for that course.

More information about Special Entry can be found in the Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedures.


Don't worry, you've got more support than you think!

Leaving High School and studying at a tertiary institute can be confusing and different to what you've been used to! Our staff and students want to do everything they can to ensure the transition is smooth and enjoyable.

The lifestyle of a student studying a bachelors degree varies from college to college, and from course to course. At Excelsia College you'll find it challenging but rewarding. 

Studying an undergraduate degree is self-motivated and requires a fair amount of discipline.

Not a lot of universities will help you transition in the same way as Excelsia College. There is a reason we continually score above the big universities in student support.

We care.

You'll find our Orientation Day fun, exciting and informative. The Student Representative Council will bring the day to life as you dive into learning about student systems, health services, career advisors and life at Excelsia College.