Life and Work Experience

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Applicants with Work and Life Experience

Applicants with work and life experience are those who left secondary education more than two years ago (i.e. who are not classified as recent secondary education applicants) and have not undertaken vocational education training (VET) or higher education study since then.

Mature Age Entry

To be eligible to apply for admission to a degree program as a work and life experience student, candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

a) be at least 21 years of age on 1 March of the year of entry to the College;
b) not have an ATAR or equivalent interstate or overseas qualification that would enable them to compete for normal admission;
c) not have been enrolled for at least two full-time semesters of study in a Diploma or higher level qualification; and
d) satisfy the additional admission criteria for the course they wish to enter, e.g. artistic requirements, assumed knowledge, language requirements.

More information about Mature Entry can be found in the Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedure.

Additional requirements

Some courses may have additional entry criteria such as an interview or an audition. Please check the specific course to find out whether there are additional requirements.   

How To Apply

Follow the link below to visit the application guide page.

If the applicant is successful they will be issued an offer letter and a written agreement. Students will need to respond to the offer within 6 weeks. This is done online and a confirmation will be emailed back to the applicant. At this point, applicants are welcome to apply for Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you are eligible for CRL, you may be exempt from completing some units and you may be able to finish your degree in a shorter amount of time.

Please refer to the Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy reference.

Before you start your degree, consider how much your course will cost. At Excelsia, tuition fees are charged by the undergraduate or postgraduate course units taken per study period.

Besides your course fees, there may be other costs associated with study, such as textbooks, equipment and other learning materials.

Visit the financial information page to find more information.