Research at Excelsia

Purposive Formation, Pluralism and Paradigm Clash - Past and Present

With Keynote speakers:

Beth Green
Perry Glanzer 
Stan Rosenberg

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Excelsia College aspires to be a leading centre of research activity in the Private Higher Education sector. The College has current areas of research excellence in education, the social sciences, theology, organizational leadership, and the creative and performing arts.

The College retains a strong core of research-active academics who conduct the majority of its research. This core is being strategically supported and extended through the Office of the Director of Research. The Office coordinates research training and collaborative opportunities, both within the Institute and between the Institute and other Higher Education providers; and provides expertise that enables Institute academics to undertake thematic, interdisciplinary research addressing the Institute’s vision and mission.

The College’s Research Plan identifies ambitious but achievable goals, targets and strategies through which the College delivers research excellence. Excellence in research is critical in fostering our growing reputation as a quality provider of higher education, and facilitates the delivery of personal, social and spiritual dividends by directly supporting our mission to benefit the community as we equip people for Christian life and leadership in a range of influential vocations.

Research and research training are integral for Excelsia College’s plans to become a University College. The College is committed to supporting staff and student research in order to achieve that status – both for the College’s long-term interests and for the communities we serve.
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