The City of Ryde Prayer Breakfast centres on love


The City of Ryde Prayer Breakfast has long brought together people from all over the community for an agenda built around the teachings of Jesus.

Since 1992, the Prayer Breakfast has been a place for individuals to discuss faith, goodwill and its vitality to the strength of the community. It is a time for Christians of all denominations to come together as one to promote compassion and goodness.

This year’s guest speaker will be Tim Silberman. He will be speaking on the topic Cultural Diversity and the Community: God’s vision for the world. Tim will speak on God's love for all nations. He will explore the contrast between God's desire to gather people from every nation, with our 'birds of a feather flock together' tendencies. He will emphasise the power of the gospel to bring communities together without diminishing cultural diversity.

The 2019 City of Ryde Prayer Breakfast will be held on Friday 26 July at the Ryde Civic Hall. Tickets are available for purchase online here.

We look forward to learning together, practically and prayerfully, with all who attend this year’s breakfast.

Excelsia College is proud is to be gold sponsors of the 2019 City of Ryde Prayer Breakfast